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 Automotive Rustproofing and Window <

Who we are

Established more than 30 years ago, Vitacare has provided automotive protection to over 75000 vehicles throughout Western Australia.

Whether you’re a 4WD enthusiast, fisherman or a recreational beach user- Vitacare will ensure that your vehicle is maintained and protected.

Working extensively with the mining industry, and closely with Rio Tinto, Chevron and BHP, Vitacare excels in custom design rust prevention to suit their needs.

What is rust proofing?

Our harsh Western Australian conditions cause rapid corrosion to even the best quality vehicles when used unprotected on beaches, launching boats and heavy off-road driving. There are two main types of rust proofing Lifestyle Rust Proofing and Mine Spec Rust Proofing.

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Who needs rust proofing?

  • 4x4 off-road enthusiasts
  • Beach drivers and fishermen
  • Campers and caravaners
  • Coastal dwellers
  • Specialty and elite vehicle users
  • Mining and government vehicle owners
  • Vehicle drivers in humid, salty or chemical environments
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Lifestyle Rust Proofing

If you will be using your vehicle on the beach or for heavy off-roading you need to take extra steps to protect against rust. Vehicle under-bodies in particular are often “out of sight and out of mind” but they will be in direct contact with corrosive materials and will deteriorate if not maintained. The video below shows you how we apply a thick rust preventative coating that has been tested to 1000 hours in a salt spray chamber to be able to withstand the elements. The coating is sprayed to 300 microns, which is many times thicker than existing paints on your chassis rails and is designed to be flexible and not chip.”

Vitacare’s product comes with a lifetime maintenance plan consisting of annual touch ups of the rust proofing coating ensuring your vehicle’s protection is maintained.

Mine Spec Rust Proofing

We continually tailor our treatments to meet the specific demands of your operation and will work with you to find the right solution. Existing treatments include:

- Minespec 2 to Minespec 6 treatments depending on requirements

- Specialised coatings to pass quarantine requirements for vehicles going offshore

- Corlar Coating to underside

- Denzyl tape to electrics and hose connectors

- Couplertec minespec electronic rustproofing options

Vitacare Superior Auto Protection

Window Tinting

Vitacare window tinting offers the highest scratch resistant film in the world with over 99% of UV eliminated in the 280 to 380 nanometre ran gem with a UPF 50+ rating. This level of window tint cuts out over 58% of heat and reduces glare by more than 55%.

The Vitacare film is warranted for the lifetime of the vehicle, and is transferable anytime within the first 5 years. Please ask about our interior and exterior treatment packages which can be done at the same time as we are tinting your vehicle.


Vitacare’s specialised services are tailored to protect and maintain your vehicle against our harsh conditions.

Lifestyle Rust Proofing
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Lifestyle Rust Proofing and Window Tinting
From $900.00

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